Jamaica’s Gastronomical Center will open a new tasty trend to tourism

UNWTO Conference Delegates were wined and dined last night at  Chukka Caribbean Adventures in Jamaica and the host had a purpose doing it. The result after a fantastic eleven-course gourmet experience was the announcement by Jamaica’s minister of tourism Ed Bartlett to establish a gastronomical center in Jamaica. According to eTN Publisher “Excellent was an understatement.” 

A gourmet experience is many times a part of a tourism experience. After this first center in the Caribbean will be established in Jamaica, tourists will be able to understand how local products make its way to the market, and how to cook a delicious Jamaican’s meal. Visitors will be able to take their church groups, their wedding groups or come alone and learn about Jamaica’s cuisine. Visitors could learn how to cook, or chefs will be ready to prepare a mouthwatering experience.  Gourmet will be included in promoting Jamaica as a travel and tourism destination.

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Here are some photos showing the food ane wine delegates enjoyed Thursday night.

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