Krug Grande Cuvée: New reviews on latest releases

Krug Grande Cuvée: New reviews on latest releases

Simon Field MW reports exclusively for Decanter Premium subscribers after a fresh tasting of the latest Grande Cuvée releases, plus Krug’s 2004 vintage Champagnes, including Clos du Mesnil.

Olivier Krug does not believe in hierarchy in wine ranges – Krug has long since postulated the ‘first among equals’ role of its celebrated Grande Cuvée, and was way ahead of the game in its advocacy for the multi-vintage blend, now modish.

Indeed, non-vintage Champagne has, over the last decade or so, seen a gradual rise in the percentage of reserve wines in its blends.

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This article is an update of a previous post written by Champagne expert Michael Edwards. Read Edwards’ views on the Krug 2002 release here.

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