St. Charles, Missouri: Gourmets and Gamblers in Sync

St. Charles, Missouri: Gourmets and Gamblers in Sync

In the USA, small towns with big leisure time options have a hard time getting noticed. Unless you have family or friends in St. Charles, Missouri, it is unlikely that this charming part of history and entertainment has been added to your bucket list although it combines small town friendliness with big city gambling, gourmet cuisine and excellent wines. The city is noted as the birth place of Chuck Berry, Randy Keith Orton (WWE) and I give it a strong “thumbs up” along with a robust recommendation to visit.

Before the 20th Century

For a short time, this city was ruled by Spain (following the 7-Year War); however, it was a French – Canadian fur trader, Louis Blanchette, who founded it in the mid-18th century, naming it Les Petites Cotes (The Little Hills). As a formally recognized city, St. Charles was on its way to becoming the third-oldest city in Missouri. Although it is now measured as “small,” it did play an important role in the westward expansion of the USA as it was a river port and considered the last “civilized” stop by the Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804). It was such an economic engine for Missouri and became the first capital city for the state (1821-1826).

Ameristar the Lure of St. Charles

St. Charles is located near the eastern end of the Katy Trail, 225 miles of state park that is embraced by bikers and walkers. While attractive to outdoor leisure visitors, St. Charles is also a magnet for gamblers and gourmets.

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