Top Pomerol 2017 wines

Top Pomerol 2017 wines

See Jane Anson’s most highly rated Pomerol wines following her Bordeaux 2017 en primeur tastings.

chateau lafleur, pomerol
Harvesting grapes by hand at Château Lafleur in Pomerol.

Introduction by Decanter Staff

The notorious frost of the 2017 growing season made things significantly more challenging on the Right Bank, but the recent Bordeaux en primeur tastings showed that quality is still very high for the wines that made it through.

Yields inevitably suffered in the worst-hit areas. Pomerol overall was down at 23.9 hectolitres per hectare of vines for 2017, which is around 40% lower than 2016.

However, such figures disguise the uneven nature with which frost enveloped certain vineyard areas in Bordeaux.


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