20 Brussels chefs and 50 wine producers showcased at eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX festival

20 Brussels chefs and 50 wine producers showcased at eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX festival

From 7 to 10 September this year, Brussels Park will once again serve as the setting for the eat! Brussels, drink! Bordeaux festival. Twenty Brussels chefs will slave over their stoves to share their signature dishes with the public. Fifty Bordeaux wine growers and sellers will also be on hand to provide the accompaniment for these delicious foods. They will offer the optimal wine pairings to complement the chefs’ dishes. There’s sure to be plenty to delight the senses of their foodie visitors!

For its sixth edition, the eat! Brussels, drink! Bordeaux Festival has once again invited a selection of Brussels’ best chefs to the heart of Brussels Park.

A sixth edition with its fair share of new offerings

• Restaurant offerings are expanding. Several chefs on the Brussels scene are joining in the fun to present their iconic dishes to the public.

• A central “square” will be set up right at the heart of the festival grounds. It’s a chance for visitors to partake and socialize with family and friends.

• This year, the eat! Awards are making their debut. These prizes will be awarded to chefs whose dishes enjoy the greatest success over the course of the event.

• In this latest edition, several pastry chefs will complement the event menu with dessert plate suggestions.

• The Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux invites amateurs to discover new wine workshops that focus on patisserie and chocolate.

• The Tchin Vittel! space will offer cooking workshops to visitors. Accompanied by talented chef Bruno Antoine, they will concoct their “bistronomy” box together, which they will then be able to savour in this friendly atmosphere.

Twenty great chefs

New iconic Brussels chefs are joining the party and enhancing the festival’s offerings. The will offer visitors a signature dish representing their culinary identity at the special price of €

Chefs in attendance:

Francesco Cury & Ugo Federico – Racines
Joël Geismar et Benjamin Rauwel – Garage à Manger
Alex Joseph – Rouge Tomate Denis Delcampe – Le Tournant
Giuseppe Zizza – Il Passatempo
Laure Genonceaux – Brinz’l
Maxime Maziers – L’écailler Du Palais Royal
Minoru Seino – Seino
Luigi Ciciriello, Erik Lindelauf et Aziz Ur Rehman Bhatti – La Truffe Noire
Constantin Erinkoglou – Notos Karen Torosyan – BOZAR Brasserie David Martin – Classic Croquettes
André Berthot & Eddy Simons – Restaurant Vincent
Olivier Cazaubon – Augusta
Benjamin Lagarde & Loick Tonnoir – Le Comptoir des Galeries
François-Xavier Lambory – Stirwen
Simon Kambala – Restaurant François
Glen Ramaekers & Yannick Van Aeken – Humphrey

Brand new: something for the sweet tooth

Several pastry chefs will enhance the festival’s menu. They will offer sweets aficionados delicious desserts by the plate at the special price of €9.

Chefs in attendance:

Laurent Gerbaud – Chocolats Gerbaud
Khalil Mezni – Garden of Aromates
Baptiste Mandon & Giovanni Malecot – Chouconut
Leïla Ben Toumi & Jacques Heller – Eclairs & Gourmandises
Yasushi Sasaki – Pâtisserie Sasaki

The perfect pairing

Vins de Bordeaux, the festival’s essential partners, are coming together once again on this journey through fine cuisine. For the occasion, nearly 50 Bordeaux wine growers and merchants will meet in Brussels to reveal the history and secrets of their wine.

These elegant and unique wines, the fruits of the meticulous blending of several grape varieties, will thrill the public’s taste buds. It’s a singular chance to discover the new Bordeaux reds, fresh and fruity, the dry whites, the rosés, the clairets and the sweet wines that can be paired with all cuisine, whether simple or refined. A wine pairing carefully selected for the occasion will also be offered for each dish, sweet or savoury, presented at the festival.

The Bordeaux pavilion, the Belgian selection

For the second year running, the pavilion will present the 2017 selection of Bordeaux wines chosen by a panel of Belgian wine and gastronomy professionals. These wines, selling for €4 to €25 are all available in Belgium. eat! Brussels, drink! Bordeaux will be the only opportunity to sample the sumptuousness of this 2017 selection.

The Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux pavilion

The Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux will once again be on hand to conduct a variety of workshops for Wine Pass holders. It’s a wonderful opportunity for the public, expert or novice, to (re)discover Bordeaux wines in an original, fun way and participate in tastings. New workshops: Wine & patisseries; Wine and chocolate.

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