Al Ahsa InterContinental receives HACCP Certification

Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia, 26 September 2017. Placing at the top of its business operation the commitment of offering its guests a safe and healthy environment to stay in, the five-star hotel Al Ahsa InterContinental, passed the final audits by Cristal International Standards after the successful implementation of HACCP Food Safety Risk Management System.

Before setting out to achieve the certification, the luxury hotel has been unremittingly strict in using E-Cristal auditing system, an electronic risk management system that not does only gather and record hygiene data but also alert users to points of weakness. It consists of Foodcheck, Roomcheck, Firecheck, Safety check and Aquacheck, all developed in accordance with the World Health Organisation’s guidelines and HACCP principles. The hotel also administers weekly monitoring and audit to ensure the health and safety practices are maintained across operations.

Thomas Sanjay, the hotel’s Executive Chef, spearheaded this initiative and recalls the project milestone, ‘’Over a year of continuous process and procedure implementation within the culinary and F&B departments, working with health and safety experts and the application of E-Cristal auditing system has helped our team in terms of increasing awareness and in order to meet our goal for a healthy and safe environment for our guests. We also conduct, internal audits weekly to monitor, keep track, and rectify where necessary.’’

The hygiene team of Al Ahsa InterContinental Hotel consistently achieves excellent external audit scores by Health and Safety experts of Cristal International Standards, having developed the high standard system. Cristal International Standards is the global leader in systems and services for brand quality, standards management and related risk management.

‘’Acquiring this year’s certificate is another proud accomplishment to the hotel but no longer a new chapter,’’ said Luca de Stefano, the general manager. ‘’Al Ahsa InterContinental Hotel has long since managed to place food safety and HACCP at the core of food production chain and has been inculcated in every team member’s mission and job culture.’’

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