Australian tourists prefer…

agoda has revealed in its latest Travel & Tech study that ‘food and dining’ (64 per cent) and ‘nature or scenery’ (63 per cent) are the most popular activities among millennial Aussie travellers.

Turning the Aussie traveller stereotype on its head, only 20 per cent identified ‘bars and nightlife’ as a preferred travel activity.

Spoiled with some of the best beaches and landscapes in the world, Aussies love to chase the heat wherever they go, with ‘sun, island, beach’ (61 per cent) rounding out the top three preferred travel experiences. Close behind were ‘tourist attractions’ (60 per cent) and ‘local culture and lifestyle’ (55 per cent).

The least popular holiday activity for Aussies was ‘wellness and health treatment’, with only 14 per cent of respondents identifying it as a reason for travel.

Andrew Edwards, Global Director for Brand and Communications at agoda, comments:

Australia is a nation of foodies and its major cities are thriving melting pots of food and culture. Our research indicates that Aussies are using this passion for food to experience more and more of the country.”

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