Best Aldi wines to buy in 2018

Best Aldi wines to buy in 2018

Decanter’s Tina Gellie has picked out 15 good value wines from a recent Aldi press tasting, held to mark the launch of its new UK range in autumn 2018.

The best Aldi wines are well worth seeking out and the discount retailer’s range has arguably gone from strength to strength since the launch of its e-commerce wine site back in January 2016.

The retailer’s 2018 autumn/winter range updates the all-year-round core wines with some new vintages, and brings in some new wines based on past favourites.

While the majority of bottles are available on their website, some are only available to purchase in-store. See Tina Gellie’s top picks below.

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Best Aldi wines in 2018:

The top 15 wines are from the autumn/winter 2018 collection. The remaining wines are core wines available all year round.

Updated 9/10/2018: Added wines from the autumn/winter tasting (15 wines) and removed unavailable wines

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