Coravin goes automatic with Model Eleven

Coravin goes automatic with Model Eleven

Coravin is planning to release an automated version of its wine preservation gadget together with an app that can match wines with music.

Coravin demonstrated its automated ‘Model Eleven’ at the CES 2018 tech show in Las Vegas this week.

It works exactly the same as earlier models, in terms of its ability to extract wine from the bottle without pulling the cork, Coravin said.

But, the new version, which is set to cost nearly $1,000, has automated features to tell owners when the wine is ready to pour.

Once the needle has been pressed through the cork and into the wine, an LED system on the device will show a green light when the wine is ready to be poured.

Coravin Model Eleven can also connect via Bluetooth to a newly developed Coravin app, named Coravin Moments.

Coravin Eleven is set to cost $999.95 when it is released in September 2018, across the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions.

Coravin partnered with Delectable, the app recently acquired by Vinous, to provide information on the wines for Coravin Moments, which will initially be available for download on Apple iOS mobile in September 2018.

The Moments app can also match wines with food and even your favourite song or film, as well as flag up when it is time to order replacement needles and argon gas capsules, Coravin said.

Argon, an inert gas, replaces wine poured from the bottle through the needle, helping to preserve the remaining wine by preventing too much contact with oxygen.

Coravin has become a regular fixture in many restaurants since its launch, helping sommeliers to serve more wines by the glass.

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