Kobrand Corporation named exclusive U.S. importer for Chilean wine producer Viña Montes

Kobrand Corporation named exclusive U.S. importer for Chilean wine producer Viña Montes

Kobrand Corporation announced the addition of Viña Montes (Montes Wines) to its portfolio of fine wines. Effective January 1, 2019, Kobrand will be the exclusive U.S. Importer for the Viña Montes portfolio and is responsible for all sales and marketing activities in the United States.

“Viña Montes is a seamless addition to our iconic portfolio of fine wine,” said Robert T. DeRoose, President and CEO of Kobrand Corporation. “We look for partners that mirror our commitment to delivering the highest quality products to market and for years have admired the wines of Viña Montes from both quality and image perspectives. Aurelio Montes and his team are true pioneers in the premium Chilean wine category and we look forward to working with them. We are confident that our strategic approach to market on both the sales and marketing sides, coupled with our strong distributor partners and the tremendous relationship that we enjoy with them, will transport the Montes brand to yet greater heights in the United States.”

Considered one of the leading premium wine estates in Chile, Montes is renowned for its meticulous winemaking and commitment to producing quality wines that are authentically Chilean. Founded in 1988 by four partners, led by Aurelio Montes and Douglas Murray, the estate is known for producing the first ever Chilean premium wine, Montes Alpha M, and has since continuously developed its winemaking practices to create a portfolio of wines that appeals to consumers both in Chile and globally. Over its 30-year history, the winery has kept all winemaking in-house, staying true to their solely Chilean roots. The result is a portfolio of wines that is internationally recognized for outstanding quality.

Viña Montes’ President, Winemaker and “guardian of the Montes spirit”, Aurelio Montes expressed his delight for the new partnership saying, “I’m very happy about our wines becoming a part of the Kobrand Wine & Spirits portfolio.” “They are a cornerstone family-owned company that shares our values and focus on innovation and the pursuit of excellence. Our partnership combines Montes’ high quality wines with Kobrand’s professionalism and unique approach to market. We look forward to a long partnership, working hand in hand towards great successes.”

The Montes winery is located in the Colchagua Valley, sourcing grapes mainly from three separate vineyards; the Apalta Vineyard, Marchigue Vineyard and Zapallar Vineyard, each producing different series and varietals. The Viña Montes portfolio of wines consists of:

• Montes Icons Wines: A selection of the best wines made by Montes from the prestigious Colchagua Valley. The series includes: Taita – a Cabernet Sauvignon-dominant blend, Montes Alpha M – a super-premium Chilean blend of Bordeaux varietals, Montes Folly – Chile’s first ultra-premium Syrah, and Purple Angel – the most renowned Carménère from Chile.

• Montes Alpha Special Cuvée: a new milestone born as a result of the self-imposed challenge viticulture and winemaking team, to elevate Montes quality frontier.

• Montes Outer Limits: Special wines from very unique terroirs that reflects the experience and innovative vision. A diverse range from a fresh Pinot Noir to an extravagant Cinsault and a powerful Syrah.

• Montes Alpha Series: The first premium Chilean wine to be exported and the #1 line in the Chilean premium wine niche. The series includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère, Chardonnay, Malbec, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Syrah. Aged 12 months in oak, these wines are stylistically balanced and distinctively elegant.

• Montes Limited Selection Series: A premium series that includes Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Carménère, and a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Carménère. The wines in this series are voluptuous, smooth, and satisfyingly sensual.

• Montes Classic Series: a series of varietal-based wines representing outstanding value for everyday drinking. The series consists of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc.

• Montes Special Releases: a group of unique, yet playful premium wines including Montes Twins – a red blend featuring Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Carménère, and Syrah, as well as Montes Cherub – a rosé crafted from Syrah.

• Montes Sparkling Angel: Montes Traditional Method Sparkling wine that spends 3 years on its lees. Born in Zapallar Valley under cold breezes from the Pacific Ocean. 70% of Pinot Noir and 30% of Chardonnay.

Kobrand is the exclusive U.S. Sales and Marketing company for all wines from the Viña Montes portfolio and is responsible for all U.S. sales and marketing activities.

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