Moldova’s Wines at Vinexpo Paris 2024

Moldova’s Wines at Vinexpo Paris 2024

Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2024 number of visitors reached 41,253, while the exhibitor count stood at 4,070.

In 2024, Moldova made history by participating in Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2024, marking the country’s first-ever presence at the event. The number of visitors reached 41,253, while the exhibitor count stood at 4,070.

H.E. the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to France, Corina Călugăru, Stefan Iamandi, Director of the National Vine and Wine Office, and journalist Robert Joseph held a Wine of Moldova masterclass during the three day event. The masterclass focused on the significance of Moldova’s ’10 Revolutionary Years of Building a National Wine Brand’.

Ambassador Corina Călugăru stated that the current situation presents a chance for the Moldovan wine industry to undergo a significant change in the coming years, potentially leading to a transformation or reinvention.

She went on to say that Moldova is a nation renowned for its cultural legacy and diligent population. The success of our wine sector not only reflects political and global backing but also the unwavering commitment of our wine producers and the perseverance of our citizens. These factors, in her view, serve as the foundation of our advancement.

While highlighting the ongoing triumph in overseas markets, Ștefan Iamandi shared the nation’s remarkable progress with exporting premium Moldovan wines. He affirmed that after a decade of revolutionizing the national wine brand, Moldova’s wine exports to Western countries have tripled in value.

Moldovan wine has captured people’s hearts, prompting them to spread the word, but getting noticed remains a challenge. Moldova is at the beginning of its journey, according to Robert Joseph’s observations.

Wine Paris 2024 has been hailed by participating wineries as an excellent chance to align with major producers.

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