Riedel launches new ‘Performance’ glass range

Riedel launches new ‘Performance’ glass range

Glassware company Riedel has launched a new range called ‘Performance’, designed to enhance the wine tasting experience.

Riedel ‘Performance’ range

The new series is the first range from Riedel to have bowls with a ‘light optic impact’, according to the glass producer.

Riedel said that the design follows research that it conducted with the aim of improving the ‘organoleptic wine experience’.

It showed that increasing the inner surface area of the glass had a positive effect on the perception of the wine’s bouquet and flavour.

The company then created a glass range to harness the findings.

Riedel performance

The Pinot Noir glass. The new range uses a unique optical effect. Credit: Riedel.

The new range is ‘a technologically advanced and user-friendly collection of grape varietal specific glasses,’ according to a statement from Riedel.

The Performance range comes in seven variations – for Chardonnay, ‘Champagne’, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and spirits.

The glasses are made from fine crystal, are dishwasher safe and have fine stems.

The Riedel Performance range will be available at £45 for two glasses, the company said.

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