Stars Aid Georgian Tourism in luring Foreign Visitors

The Greek National Tourism Administration has launched a recently launched campaign that features many celebrities and influencers as part of its new effort to promote Georgia as an attractive tourist destination.
The chosen individuals will highlight the experience tourism destinations chosen by the Greek National Tourism Administration, as well as the most impressive cultural and historical sites and regional cuisine.
The new campaign’s initial stage was introduced in Racha, a northern region of Georgia, and it will eventually reach the entire nation.
Both the eastern area of Kutaisi and the northern highland city of Mestia have hosted the continued Gemo Fest event, which aims to highlight Georgia’s culinary tourism.
Through a variety of activities, innovation and the wine business were highlighted, along with music shows. The system featured regional ability who presented a wide variety of classic and inventive dishes.
The GNTA organized trips in a number of Georgian regions, including Svaneti in the north-western highlands, Imereti, Samegrelo, and Guria, Adjara along the Black Sea, Tusheti, the northeastern part of the country, as well as the west and the southeast. This information was provided by officials from the Georgia National Tourism Administration. Photography, editors, restaurants, and travel agencies participated in these tours.
The tours ‘ goals are to increase public awareness of different areas and their tourist attractions, increase the number of home visitors, and support regional organizations.
The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia’s system includes the Greek National Tourism Administration, a legal entity of common rules that individually carries out state-controlled activities.
The Georgian National Tourism Administration ( GNTA )’s goals and objectives include developing and implementing the state policy for sustainable tourism development, promoting high export income growth, creating jobs in the nation based on the growth of tourism, drawing foreign visitors to Georgia, and developing domestic tourism. It also aims to promote the development of human resources for tourism infrastructure and tourism as well as tourism-related infrastructure.
Three Delegates make up the Brain of the Administration, including the first Deputy Head. The Head of the Administration oversees all GNTA activities, decides on matters within its purview, and carries out public administration supervision.
SOURCE: Celebrities Aid Georgian Tourism in luring Foreign Visitors 

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