The Kosher Gourmet Dine-Drink Adventure

The Kosher Gourmet Dine-Drink Adventure

If there is one event in New York that should not be missed, it is the Kosher Food & Wine Experience sponsored by Royal Wine Corp. (aka Kedem). Over the past 13 years, Royal has provided the opportunity for thousands to taste, sip, and enjoy global Kosher cuisine, wines, and spirits, and the New York program presents a wonderful palate surprise at each vendor’s table.

Kosher? Not Kosher!

In Hebrew, Kashrush, from the root kosher Kasher, means suitable and/or PURE and therefore ensures fitness for consumption. The laws of Kashrus determine what is permitted and what is forbidden to eat.

Kosher foods fall into three groups: meat, dairy and pareve (foods that are neither meat nor dairy including eggs, fish, fruit, vegetables, grains, unprocessed juices, pasta, soft drinks, coffee and tea, candy and snacks). Food may lose its pareve status if processed on meat or dairy equipment or additives are used. Pure chocolate, cookies and other snacks may not be processed with meat or meaty foods unless they are certified pareve. Certain fruits, vegetables and grains must be checked for small insects and larvae because bugs are Not Kosher. Eggs must be checked for the presence of blood spots – also Not Kosher.

Kosher Wine Considerations

Kosher wine is made exactly the same way as all other wines; however, there is rabbinical supervision during the process and the wines are handled by Sabbath observant Jews. Gelatin, casein and bull blood are No No’s in the kosher wine-making process and fermentation can only be achieved from bacteria or kosher enzymes. Everything used for the harvest or in the processing of the grapes must be done under Rabbinical Supervision. All processing must follow the rules of Halacha (Jewish Religious Law). In the vineyard, no other plants may be cross-bred with the grapes (hybridization is another No No).

Beverages manufactured from grapes or grape-based derivatives can only be consumed if the grapes come from a kosher winery and prepared under strict Rabbinical Supervision.

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