Third of Britons ‘re-gift’ wines at Christmas – survey

Third of Britons ‘re-gift’ wines at Christmas – survey

Wine has been named the favourite drink to take to a Christmas party, but nearly one third surveyed said that they have passed on wine previously given to them as a present, shows new research. 

Around three in 10 of the 2,046 UK adults questioned said that they often ‘re-gift’ wine given to them during the Christmas period.

Wine was also named as the best type of alcoholic drink to take to a Christmas party for 59% of respondents.

The survey was commissioned by Bordeaux’s wine bureau, the CIVB, as part of efforts to better understand how it can promote wines priced between £6 and £20 per bottle in the UK.

Around a quarter of those questioned look for price first when choosing a wine for a Christmas party, with 17% looking for a particular style of grape variety first and 11% selecting country first.

Data from the Wine & Spirit Trade Association shows that average spend on wine rises during the festive season.

People spend £8.67 on average if the bottle is for themselves, and £10.64 on wine for a Christmas party, compared to an average spend of between £5 and £6 at other times of year, said Bordeaux wines.

In its survey, however, 21% of people said that they buy any wine that is on special offer when choosing a bottle for a Christmas party of get-together.

And 26% of respondents admitted to not knowing much about wine and buying on what ‘looks good’.

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