Top La Conseillante wines: 21 vintages tasted

Top La Conseillante wines: 21 vintages tasted

Jane Anson gets in depth with Château La Conseillante following a 21-vintage vertical tasted at the estate…

I recently learnt from The Bordeaux Atlas and Encyclopaedia of Châteaux (St Martin’s Press, 1997) that Château La Conseillante’s motto used to be faire peu, mais faire bon – ‘do little, but do it well’.

I haven’t heard that motto from them recently, but this is something that all the great estates of Pomerol – the most small-scale and artisan of Bordeaux appellations – seem to have mastered. Or rather, doing an extremely good job of appearing to do very little as they move the grapes from vineyard to cellar, while in fact doing an awful lot.

The tasting

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