Top Margaux 2016 wines: Re-tasted in the bottle

Top Margaux 2016 wines: Re-tasted in the bottle

See Jane Anson’s tasting notes for the Margaux 2016 wines – re-tasted this month in the bottle…

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Introduction by Eleanor Douglas.

‘The issue for Margaux in 2016 is that the 2015 wines were so exceptional,’ said Jane Anson when tasting the Bordeaux 2016 wines en primeur.

The style in general for Margaux is more elegant, fresh and juicy in 2016 compared to the rich succulence of 2015, Anson said. She recommended comparing scores and prices closely for the 2015 and 2016 wines.

In the recent in-bottle tastings, Anson gave Château Margaux 2016 98 points, noting that it was ‘not as hefty as the 2010 or as staggering as the 2015, but is still a joyful expression of the estate’.

Château Palmer 2016 also received a 98, described as ‘sophisticated and well constructed’.

Top scoring Margaux 2016 wines:

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