UK nightlife will die by 2030

UK nightlife will die by 2030

Nightclubs in the UK may cease to exist by the year 2030, according to the most recent data from the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), if British nightlife establishments continue to close at the current rate.

According to NTIA data, spending at the nation’s nightclubs has decreased 15% this year while expenditures have increased by more than 30% as Great Britain battles a skyrocketing cost of living and energy crises.

Recent nationwide research, conducted in October, revealed that over half of Brits are planning to scale down on discretionary spending, that include eating and drinking out, in order to afford their energy bills.

According to NTIA, 123 nightclubs closed in the nine-month period between last December 2021 and September 2022, meaning one UK nightclub was closing every two days.

There are now only 1,068 nightclubs left in the UK.

The Night Time Industries Association placed the blame for the demise of the industry squarely with the UK government, accusing it of ignoring the importance of the nightlife sector even though it attracts over 300 million tourists per year, employs almost 2 million people and has an economic value measured at £112 billion ($129 billion).

According to NTIA, the industry is “confronted with austerity, taxation and noise abatement notices.”

Few days ago, the organization’s chief Michael Kill urged British government officials to stop ‘ripping the heart out of nightlife’ and also to reinstate the alcohol duty freeze, extend business rates relief, and reduce VAT.

Kill has repeatedly warned that the decline of nightclubs is a ‘huge tragedy’ for the UK as they nurture talent and serve as important ‘cultural and social hubs.’

He also claimed that the demise of safe licensed venues might lead to a revival of illegal and dangerous parties, with UK risking going back to ‘unregulated and unsafe’ nightlife environments.

“If we’re not careful, we’ll end up going back to the late-eighties rave culture,” Kill added.

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