Winecap Launches “Wine Track” – The Next Generation Wine Index

Winecap Launches “Wine Track” – The Next Generation Wine Index

Fine wine investment platform, WineCap, announces the launch of Wine Track, the most comprehensive index available in the market, which enables investors to identify the right, undervalued wines to buy and sell across the global market at the right time and price.

WineCap has developed proprietary technology to collate and analyse Liv-ex and Wine Searcher data, along with over 400,000 wine prices a day collected independently from 250 leading wine merchants across the globe to help wine investors navigate fine wine markets with confidence. Its robust, bespoke scoring system aggregates more than 100 wine critics’ scores from 12 publications from around the world to produce a simple and transparent score that marks each wine out of 100. This helps investors reference a wine’s quality at a glance, as some critics use different scales to grade wines.

For example, according to Wine Track, Domaine Leroy, Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru’s current case price is £65,771 while Chateau de la Tour, Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru, Vieilles Vignes is £1,794, yet the wines are scored almost equally at 94.7 and 93.8 respectively1, and are from the same vineyard in Burgundy. While the former’s price is driven by its excellent reputation, the latter presents better value and is significantly more accessible to retail investors looking to build a diversified portfolio.

Wine Track monitors over 75,000 investment grade wines from 1990 to the present day, enabling investors to track how prices have changed over any given period.

Wine Track is the first innovation by WineCap since the platform – whose sister company is Westgarth Wines – launched in April this year with the objective of democratising fine wine investment and making it accessible to a wider cohort of investors.

By leveraging technology and automating processes that were traditionally manual, WineCap passes on large cost savings to investors. Unlike other wine investment firms which charge annual management fees, WineCap levies a modest annual storage fee based on the number of bottles in a portfolio and a 5% commission on sales.

Alexander Westgarth, CEO at WineCap said: “The motivation behind Wine Track is to provide retail investors with a simple and transparent scoring system which pulls together and analyses the key indicators that experts use to navigate the market.

“Wine Track is especially useful for those looking to invest in rare wines. Price points are often skewed when there is a limited secondary market so our price per point scoring system and indexed price performance metrics provide a more reliable and transparent indicator. We will be continually expanding the number of vintages covered by Wine Track so it becomes an increasingly vital source of information for wine investors.”

About WineCap

With decades of experience navigating the international fine wine market, Los Angeles, Bordeaux and London based WineCap aims to democratise wine investing while offering propositions that translate into maximised profits for their customers.

Their proprietary in-house technology enables them to continually monitor the global marketplace while also tapping into many other third-party fine wine authorities, securing only the most current and reliable market data, trends and fluctuations.

1Wine Track figures as of 9th June 2022.

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