Coravin launches new system for screw cap wines

Coravin launches new system for screw cap wines

A new accessory released by Coravin claims to keep screw cap wines fresh for up to three months once the original seal has been broken.

Coravin screw caps have been made available to Coravin Club members and are expected to go on general sale in the UK from 15 September, the company said this week. A pack of six caps costs £29.95, it said.

It has already launched the screw cap devices in the US this summer.

Coravin has made a name for itself with technology that allows wine lovers to draw wine out of the bottle without pulling the cork and the new launch is its latest move to expand the range.

Coravin said its screw caps can keep wine fresh for up to three months once the original cap seal has been removed and the first needle puncture from the Coravin system is made.

Buyers still need a Coravin system to extract wine, as they would if the bottle was sealed with a cork.

‘A screw cap solution has been a popular request since introducing the original Coravin in 2013,’ said Greg Lambrecht, founder and inventor of Coravin.

‘We’re here to help enhance the wine experience by helping people enjoy any wine, in any quantity, at any time – without compromise.’

The caps are available in standard and large sizes, and can withstand up to 50 punctures, making them reusable for around 10 bottles of wine, Coravin said. understands that Coravin tested its screw caps extensively in Australia before release.

Australia and New Zealand winemakers have pioneered using screw caps on some of their best wines.

Coravin’s UK stockists include Harrods, Selfridges, Wine and Majestic Wine. It is also available via in the US.

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