Most ‘sobering’ countries for Russian tourists named

Most ‘sobering’ countries for Russian tourists named

The latest study revealed that Russian tourists consume the least amount of alcohol in the UAE, with only 39% admitting drinking there. Tourists particularly noted the emirate of Sharjah, where alcohol is completely prohibited, and only those who have a government-issued license are allowed to possess hard liquors.

Qatar took the second place in the ranking: 20 percent of tourists never drank alcohol in this Arab state. It is noted that in Qatar, alcohol is sold in a single store in the whole country, and only with a special resident card. The same percentage of the respondents answered that they could not drink alcohol in the Maldives – it is also prohibited there.

Also, quite a few Russians admitted that they were ‘not ready’ to go to the above countries due to the lack of opportunity to drink there.

Most Russians polled in the study admitted that they like to drink alcohol on vacation. Service experts conducted a survey among 3.5 thousand Russian travelers to find out how they relate to drinking alcohol on holiday. It turned out that 67 percent of tourists always drink alcohol on trips.

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