Smashing news for Seychelles from The Wedding Bashers

It is thanks to the efforts of the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) office in South Africa, which joined in consultations with the producers during the planning phase of the reality TV show that Air Seychelles and The Moorings were brought onboard to offer an exceptional portion of the grand prize for the winners of “The Wedding Bashers.”

The Seychelles’ reputation as a famed honeymoon destination will be receiving an added boost when it welcomes winners of a new wedding show being aired on South Africa’s DSTV channel – M-Net 101, as the national airline, Air Seychelles and The Moorings – a yacht company operating in Seychelles, are among the main sponsors of the ultimate prize for the reality TV show entitled “The Wedding Bashers.”

In addition to other great prizes, the winning couple will also be taking home business class tickets sponsored by Air Seychelles for a seven nights’ second honeymoon in the idyllic Seychelles islands, onboard a fully crewed yacht, sponsored by The Moorings.

The first episode of “The Wedding Bashers” was aired on Sunday September 17, embarking viewers on a discovery of what happens when South Africans of all backgrounds, cultures and religions open up their special days, to what M-Net has described as a quirky wedding show.

The Wedding Bashers will see an all-star team of South African talent turn the microscope on 22 must-watch wedding celebrations, with M-Net describing the format as quirky but cool. Four South African celebrities, also known as “The Squad” will be making their way to the wedding of the ordinary South African couples and while they join in the festivities, they will also be discreetly rating each wedding.

The squad consisting of former Miss South Africa – Cindy Nell, Vuzu star – Denise Zimba, international TV chef – Siba Mtongana and top wedding planner – Zavion Kotze, will be focused on giving authentic feedback. However, they will do so in a fun, positive manner allowing the audiences to feel more engaged, while making every couple feel that their overall efforts are appreciated. Each wedding will be judged on five key criteria – fashion & beauty, décor, food, entertainment and the overall experience.

With cameras following the celebrity guests every step of the way, viewers will get to see what they think, how they interact with each other, what scored big and what did not.

The 22 weddings featured in the show may vary in budget, opulence and theme and whether it is set on a beach, in a vineyard, an industrial chic area or a five-star train, the Wedding Bashers’ comments and criticism will always be outweighed by an important golden thread: the love that inspired the occasion.

After the squad have attended all 22 weddings, 6 of them will be shortlisted to be part of a unique bridal-themed finale that will decide which newlywed couple will win the ultimate wedding gift of 250 000 South African Rand in cash, a seven nights second honeymoon in Seychelles, among other interesting prizes.

Commenting on prizes offered by Air Seychelles and The Moorings, the Director of STB’s office in Johannesburg, Lena Hoareau, said: “It is always encouraging to see the active involvement of the Seychelles’ business partners to promote the beautiful island destination to the world. In 2017, with a view on South Africa specifically, we have been fortunate to have had the Seychelles featured positively across many television networks covering a range of topics displaying the diversity of the destination.”

The Wedding Bashers is produced by [sic] Entertainment and is broadcast on M-Net channel 101 every Sunday night at 1700 hours.

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