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One of My Favourite Wines Not Came Out of a Box, I Always Expected.

wines- December 16, 2023

My opinion of the group has been altered by the Ami ami brand, which produces boxed wine with a stunning appearance and delectable flavor. Vin ... Read More

Responsible Wine Tourism UNWTO Event in La Rioja, Spain

wines- December 13, 2023

The 7th UNWTO Global Conference on Wine Tourism will be held in La Rioja, Spain ( November 22–24, 2023 ), one of the top wine ... Read More

News from the hospitality sector

wines- December 13, 2023

News and information about the hospitality business, changes, new advances, people hotels, casinos, and all related to it  Read More

Hercules Mulligan: New Taste Experience

Dr. Elinor Garely- August 30, 2023

Do you like rum?” “Yes, I do.” “Do you like rye?” “Not so much.” I was curious but not overly concerned when I was given ... Read More

This time it is all about Unita Geografiche Aggiuntive, Italy

Dr. Elinor Garely- August 29, 2023

Customers of Chianti Classico wine now have access to more details on the Sangiovese grapes in their glass, including where they were cultivated, changes in ... Read More