Best cities for dating in the US with nightlife venues

Best cities for dating in the US with nightlife venues

Dating is a crucial component of the single life, whether the individuals are looking for a lifelong spouse or are simply looking for some casual fun.

The most popular options include going out on the town at night. However, there are countless more ways, shapes, forms, and concepts that individuals can select from.

There are some famous romantic locations in all major cities all over the world, from the Rome to Tokyo and from Miami to London.

But what are the best US cities to go on a date?

Dating apps nowadays offer features where users can change their location to one more desirable.

But where should Americans be setting their location?

New research has revealed the top 10 cities in the US with the most nightlife venues to visit for a date night and New York takes the top spot, with 780 venues across the city.

The experts have narrowed down the best US cities for a date, taking into account the number of restaurants, nightlife venues, romantic places, and date idea searches per city, to award an overall dating score. 

10 US cities with the highest number of nightlife venues

RankCityOverall Dating ScoreNumber of Nightlife VenuesNightlife Venues per sq MileDate Idea Searches
1New York7.867802.608,980
3Las Vegas8.574052.8615,300
4Los Angeles7.763290.7044,100
5San Francisco9.443256.9321,900
6San Diego7.352200.6831,800

The research also revealed the following:

  • New York City has the most romantic places to visit of any city in the US (745), followed by Las Vegas (547) and San Francisco (325). These three locations also rank as some of the best party destinations and boast 1,510 nightlife venues between them. 
  • Houston is the most searched destination for date ideas. The most populous city in Texas has lots to offer, with 8,092 restaurants, 211 nightlife venues, and 100 romantic places, as well as a theatre district and numerous top-level sports teams. 
  • Fancy crossing the pond? The best city to go on a date in the United Kingdom is Manchester. There is something in Manchester to fit everyone’s taste on a date night, with 253 nightlife venues, and the most restaurants per square mile (45.76).
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