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The Taste of Chilean Wines Is Influenced by the Humboldt Current

wines- December 13, 2023

Now is the ideal time to correct this oversight if you have n't looked into the Chilean wine industry in your neighborhood or online. Chile ... Read More

Artists and Heineken: The Las Vegas Formula 1 Competition

wines- December 13, 2023

The F1 Race in Las Vegas concluded with an exciting finish that sent fires flying after a high-speed culture through the streets of Sin City. ... Read More

20 Fun US Cities for Travelers

wines- December 13, 2023

The average American spends more than$ 3,400 annually on entertainment, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The precise ways that people seek pleasure, though, ... Read More

Israeli Wine Industry

Dr. Elinor Garely- August 30, 2023

Despite numerous challenges, ranging from terroir to politics, the Israelis have managed to surmount these obstacles and achieve remarkable success. In a two-part series, I ... Read More

What is the Slow Wine?

Dr. Elinor Garely- August 30, 2023

Born in Bra, his skillset was proper when he and his colleagues formed the Friends of Barolo Association. The group produced a catalog of wines, ... Read More

3000+ Years of Winemaking: The Blessed Fruit!

Dr. Elinor Garely- August 30, 2023

The fruit of the vine is one of the seven blessed fruit varieties found in the land of Israel, according to the book of Deuteronomy. ... Read More

Hercules Mulligan: New Taste Experience

Dr. Elinor Garely- August 30, 2023

Do you like rum?” “Yes, I do.” “Do you like rye?” “Not so much.” I was curious but not overly concerned when I was given ... Read More

Sakartvelo: Best Wine Destination

Dr. Elinor Garely- August 30, 2023

They all traveled to the Republic of Georgia and were so taken aback by its specific wines (among other distinctive features) that they wrote about ... Read More

What wine to drink?

Dr. Elinor Garely- August 30, 2023

If so, you must have been attending Vinexpo/Drinks America (Javits, NYC) for a few days. Immediately add missing this event to your 2024 to-do list ... Read More

All about Port Wine

Dr. Elinor Garely- August 29, 2023

The soil, fruit, and blending expertise of the Oporto vintners result in wines with a distinctive character and flavor. Portuguese legislation has great control over ... Read More

Shopping for kosher wine and food

Dr. Elinor Garely- August 29, 2023

Globally, more and more people are "going kosher," and by 2025, the market for kosher food is predicted to be worth more than $25.6 billion. ... Read More

All about Kosher wines

Dr. Elinor Garely- August 29, 2023

A growing number of people worldwide are "going kosher," and by 2025, it's expected that the market for kosher food will likely surpass $25.6 billion. ... Read More

Most luxury US destinations

Dmytro Makarov- August 29, 2023

There are many different ways to experience luxury, whether it be going on a trip and staying in a five-star hotel or maybe buying heirloom ... Read More

World’s most visited country by 2025

Dmytro Makarov- August 29, 2023

With an anticipated 93.7 million foreign visitors by 2025, France is poised to solidify its position as the most visited country in the world. The ... Read More

Spain faces less wine consumption

Dr. Elinor Garely- August 28, 2023

Because Spanish wines have improved, those of us who reside on other parts of the world are really consuming more of them. Holding Tightly onto ... Read More

Best cities for dating in the US with nightlife venues

Dmytro Makarov- August 28, 2023

Dating is a crucial component of the single life, whether the individuals are looking for a lifelong spouse or are simply looking for some casual ... Read More

Best places to celebrate 4th of July in US

Dmytro Makarov- August 28, 2023

The COVID-19 epidemic severely curtailed Fourth of July festivities for two years, but 2022 events are anticipated to herald our return to normalcy owing to ... Read More

Making Wine Buying Easier? Les Crus Bourgeois du Medoc

Dr. Elinor Garely- August 28, 2023

You're not the only one who finds the process of buying a couple bottles of wine for a meal or a gift complicated when you ... Read More

Occitanie Formed: Wine with an Interesting History

Dr. Elinor Garely- August 28, 2023

Languedoc-Roussillon Wines Languedoc wines are renowned for their subtlety and complexity and are now regarded as some of the most fascinating and dynamic wines in ... Read More

Cities with the most bars and pubs

Dmytro Makarov- August 28, 2023

For many of us, having a place to go out for a drink and catch up with friends at the end—or even in the middle—of ... Read More

Fresh Vine Wine to Exhibit at this Year’s FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen

Dmytro Makarov- June 15, 2022

Winemaker Jamey Whetstone to be onsite offering tastings with the food and beverage industry's game-changing culinary leaders, innovative wine & spirits experts, and epicurean insiders Fresh Vine ... Read More

Perfect Tequila Cocktails Made Simple

Dmytro Makarov- June 15, 2022

New Small Batch Canned Cocktails are an Easy Take on Classic Summer Sips and Made with Simple, All Natural Ingredients Tequila Zarpado today announced the availability of ... Read More

Summer Water Rosé Awarded in Wine Enthusiast’s 2022 Buying Guide

Dmytro Makarov- June 14, 2022

Winc, Inc. ("Winc" or the "Company"), a differentiated platform for growing alcoholic beverage brands, today announced that Summer Water Rosé's 2021 vintage has been awarded ... Read More

aha! Wine Flies Free! One wine as free checked baggage

Dmytro Makarov- June 14, 2022

Get your wine glasses ready. aha!, powered by ExpressJet Airlines, is waiving baggage fees for wine from its popular wine destinations. "Your vacation doesn't have to ... Read More

VGS Chateau Potelle Makes Napa Valley History

Dmytro Makarov- June 8, 2022

VGS Chateau Potelle Winery set a new record-becoming the only winery in Napa Valley history to have the highest bid, three years in a row. The record-setting ... Read More

Wine Road Launches New “Insider” Rewards Program

Dmytro Makarov- June 8, 2022

Wine Road, a destination marketing association of wineries and lodgings in Northern Sonoma County, recently launched a new membership rewards program, Wine Road Insider, for frequent and would-be ... Read More

Teneral Cellars Launches Title IX 50th Anniversary Collection 

Dmytro Makarov- June 7, 2022

$5 from every sale of the "The Perfect Match" All In Zinfandel, Rosé and Tempranillo collection goes to the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative to empower ... Read More

Volcanic Wines: The Delicious Results of a Volcano

Dr. Elinor Garely- October 5, 2019

Volcanos: Bad News When a volcano eruption is the featured story on television news and headlines online weather apps – it is usually bad news. ... Read More

Champagne: Describes a Lifestyle

Dr. Elinor Garely- September 28, 2019

It may be politically incorrect, but judgements are made by wines selected, shoes worn, and hotels selected. And So It is With Wine Kylie Jenner ... Read More

Tasting wines, blind

Dr. Elinor Garely- May 25, 2019

Tasting Blind Wine industry professionals (i.e., winemakers, writers, sommeliers, researchers, educators, buyers, sellers, importers, sales managers) have many ways to spend their days: Harvesting grapes, ... Read More