Best places to celebrate 4th of July in US

Best places to celebrate 4th of July in US

The COVID-19 epidemic severely curtailed Fourth of July festivities for two years, but 2022 events are anticipated to herald our return to normalcy owing to all the vaccine efforts.

Additionally, Americans are already preparing for this significant event.

According to estimates from the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend $7.7 billion this year on food alone for Fourth of July celebrations.

With 84% of Americans planning to celebrate the 4th of July this year, travel experts compared 100 largest US cities, based on how well they balance holiday cost, and fun in order to find the best and cheapest places to celebrate this star-spangled occasion.

The data set of 21 key metrics ranges from average beer and wine prices to duration of fireworks shows to the Fourth of July weather forecast.

Best Places to Celebrate 4th of July

Overall Rank CityTotal Score Fourth of July Celebrations Affordability Attractions & Activities Safety & Accessibility Fourth of July Weather 
1San Francisco, CA73.30967261
2Los Angeles, CA73.19152364157
3Washington, DC72.665947830
4Atlanta, GA70.62360217945
5Las Vegas, NV70.02147144712
6New York, NY68.342961799
7San Diego, CA68.2878752845
8Seattle, WA67.86111001341
9Orlando, FL66.77422246281
10New Orleans, LA66.12158245830
11Miami, FL65.78662322961
12Houston, TX64.5786208971
13Chicago, IL64.06167132479
14San Antonio, TX63.522018345230
15Milwaukee, WI62.901039194484
16Cincinnati, OH62.345047124312
17Dallas, TX62.331740388212
18San Jose, CA62.2853551151
19Sacramento, CA62.28384622401
20St. Louis, MO61.49136389473
21Denver, CO61.481258113690
22Austin, TX60.721831487430
23Fremont, CA60.19247956111
24Portland, OR59.70378818301
25Cleveland, OH59.663214404651
26St. Paul, MN59.172133301888
27Pittsburgh, PA59.174273321430
28Boston, MA58.90359881266
29Albuquerque, NM58.641951158183
30Scottsdale, AZ57.23458296067
31Irvine, CA57.174681232072
32Charlotte, NC57.103325468638
33Minneapolis, MN57.09253281397
34Plano, TX56.984921483945
35Fort Worth, TX56.62294647612
36Columbus, OH55.816711455338
37Aurora, CO55.312758547555
38Nashville, TN55.022361608745
39Raleigh, NC54.726134652638
40Virginia Beach, VA54.695792363312
41Reno, NV53.89821366631
42Oakland, CA53.8052806691
43El Paso, TX53.742277552185
44Boise, ID53.53845461231
45Philadelphia, PA53.394138173493
46Irving, TX53.383027856630
47Santa Ana, CA53.364342771957
48Norfolk, VA53.267192313712
49Jacksonville, FL53.159015438038
50Phoenix, AZ52.94448626867
51Omaha, NE52.719153273276
52Louisville, KY52.556345488412
53Lexington-Fayette, KY52.347512914212
54Honolulu, HI52.01648661791
55Baltimore, MD51.895974285773
56Fort Wayne, IN51.883119947050
57Chesapeake, VA51.754795529112
58Durham, NC51.39791933530
59Greensboro, NC51.158335804530
60Anaheim, CA50.926642722754
61Long Beach, CA50.837083473157
62Fresno, CA50.757723847212
63Hialeah, FL50.673697811064
64Colorado Springs, CO50.585885583864
65Detroit, MI50.573449529373
66Buffalo, NY50.512884261698
67Tucson, AZ50.492665408889
68Bakersfield, CA50.275417979212
69Laredo, TX50.15944195212
70Corpus Christi, TX50.069537575945
71North Las Vegas, NV49.58927071511
72Madison, WI49.43985615393
73Riverside, CA49.365172927112
74Indianapolis, IN49.266244728343
75Gilbert, AZ49.044024995062
76Kansas City, MO49.008930449652
77Lincoln, NE48.639766392278
78Chula Vista, CA48.394890982512
79Mesa, AZ48.315528865569
80Stockton, CA48.26568978901
81Arlington, TX47.826548877712
82Chandler, AZ47.677628795462
83Anchorage, AK47.253999258592
84Glendale, AZ47.178820726956
85Tampa, FL46.657855424887
86Wichita, KS46.57733876777
87Henderson, NV46.469926724912
88Tulsa, OK46.36852697381
89Toledo, OH46.069378667853
90Lubbock, TX46.026869879538
91Baton Rouge, LA45.606910639780
92Birmingham, AL45.507236819870
93Garland, TX45.158050966412
94St. Petersburg, FL44.097476355695
95Oklahoma City, OK43.738116836586
96Winston-Salem, NC43.1210075906112
97Memphis, TN42.9996647610044
98Newark, NJ42.826091585100
99Jersey City, NJ42.55875769196
100San Bernardino, CA39.1986681009957

Avg. Beer & Wine Prices


  • 1. Durham, NC
  • 2. Indianapolis, IN
  • 3. Fresno, CA
  • 4. Corpus Christi, TX
  • 5. Milwaukee, WI


  • T-96. Hialeah, FL
  • T-96. Miami, FL
  • 98. New York, NY
  • 99. Seattle, WA
  • 100. Atlanta, GA

DUI-Related Fatalities per Capita


  • T-1. San Francisco, CA
  • T-1. Boise, ID
  • T-1. Virginia Beach, VA
  • T-1. Greensboro, NC
  • T-1. Newark, NJ
  • T-1. Laredo, TX


  • 94. Charlotte, NC
  • 95. Detroit, MI
  • 96. Memphis, TN
  • T-97. Toledo, OH
  • T-97. St. Louis, MO

Facts & Figures

  • $7.7 Billion: Amount Americans plan to spend on 4th of July food.
  • 150 Million: Number of hot dogs eaten each 4th of July.
  • $1.4+ Billion: Amount Americans plan to spend on 4th of July beer and wine.
  • $2.4+ Billion: Estimated amount spent on fireworks in 2021 (66% of fireworks injuries occur within a month of July 4).
  • $6.9 Million: Value of American flags imported annually.
  • 47.9 Million: Number of people who travel 50+ miles from home for the 4th of July

Survey Key Findings

  • Inflation is hurting celebrations. 57% of Americans say that inflation is affecting their 4th of July plans.
  • Americans support USA goods. 65% of Americans say they make an effort to buy things made in the USA.
  • Financial independence is shaky. Only 56% of Americans feel financially independent this 4th of July. 
  • Summer spending is down overall. More than half of Americans will spend less money this summer than last year.
  • Saving vs. spending. 64% of Americans believe saving money is more patriotic than spending it.
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