Coppola’s Inglenook signs deal with Bordeaux merchants

Coppola’s Inglenook signs deal with Bordeaux merchants

Francis Ford Coppola has decided to give international distribution rights for his Inglenook Napa wines to three Bordeaux négociants.

Coppola, of Godfather fame and the owner of Inglenook in Napa Valley, said that Inglenook wines would be represented internationally by the CVBG, Duclot and Maison Joanne négociant houses.

It’s a move that increases the sense of Bordeaux négociants looking beyond their own region for wines to distribute.

Inglenook joins a number of other non-Bordeaux wines to be distributed via the city’s well-known ‘Place’, including Masseto, Opus One and Seña.

Film director Coppola said, ‘Inglenook already enjoys a prominent reputation internationally, but working with these three prestigious négociants will significantly increase Inglenook’s international exposure.’

Inglenook said that it would continue working with other distributors throughout North America and Central America.

Speaking to Decanter’s Jane Anson last year, Ariane Kaida, the head of Duclot, said that the growth of non-Bordeaux wines on the Place was a thing to be cherished.

‘The way international wines work with the Place de Bordeaux has been hugely instructive I believe. Some châteaux and négociants resisted it at first, but the benefits are clear now, and it has been informative for all sides.’

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