Croatia’s Istria: The first “Wine & Walk by the Sea” gourmet festival

Croatia’s Istria: The first “Wine & Walk by the Sea” gourmet festival

The calendar of events of the gourmet festival in Istria, Croatia, starts on September 23, 2017, with the first affair being “Wine & Walk by the Sea.”

Autumn is the season of excellence dedicated to culinary and wine products. It is during this period that the 4 pearls of the Adriatic – Umag, Cittanova, Brtonigla, and Buje – in northwestern Istria are enlivened with country festivals and demonstrations. This is a time for special occasions to enjoy the authentic flavors of the district, and also know more about these locations, either by the sea or the inland.

Wine & Walk by the Sea

This is a walk in nature on Saturday, September 23, 2017, through the wonderful autumn panoramas that open between the vineyards and the olive groves of Novigrad, a stone’s throw from the sea.

Cittanova will host the first edition of Wine & Walk by the Sea. The autumn version of Istria is “Wine & Walk Fest,” and this event brings together vegetation and autumn panoramas, physical activity, and gastronomic experiences with typical Istrian products being distributed along the 8 kilometers of wine and food points.

Departure is scheduled in the morning, and after registration, participants will receive a tasting glass and coupons, the map of the route, and instructions. At this point, the walk begins along the old walls of Cittanova until the port of Porporela, located in the heart of the city’s historic center. Al Mandracchio, near a local wine cellar with a tradition of many decades, is the first wine and food point to recharge the energy. The walk continues in and out of the coastal paths, and finally enters the hinterland of Cittanova as it continues between wonderful vineyards, olive groves, woods, and natural landscapes. Along the way, other wine and food points delight the palate with delicious boiled eggs and fine wines presented by the producers.

The park of the Vesuvius of Cittanova, heart of the historic center of the city, signs the end of the marathon in the late afternoon, when participants and visitors can anjoy free tastings of local agricultural products, souvenirs, lucky draws, and music.

Of Chestnuts and Mushrooms

October brings the typical Istrian autum products: mushrooms and chestnuts. On Sunday, October 15 , 2017 in Portole forest, the Chestnut Fair is held. A variety of traditional dishes, including roasted chestnuts, chestnut cakes, and honey, as well as other recipies can be enjoyed. Not to miss is the new wine, olive oil, typical pasta, garlic, and other local produce. There are mushrooms galore on October 28 and 29 in Verteneglio, during the Mushroom Days when the most beautiful largest fungus and the best “cauldron mushroom” will be priced. Workshops and educational seminars will focus on the world of fungi, the correct method of picking, how to recognize them, the existing species, and their nutritional value. A display of many species, a race, and the final proclamation of the winners will complete the event. The displayed mushrooms will end up in the kitchens for the preparation of great dishes to be tasted by all.

The Moscato Heat

On the weekend of November 10-12, it is time for Momiano with Martinje – the day of of San Martino (Saint Martin is the day when traditionally grapes must turn into wine). A small historic town located north of Buie, Momiano is known for being the oasis of sweet moscato (muscatel), born from a successful blend of land and climate. Here are found the most important brands of wine produced in Croatia where from Malvasia to Terrano are found in the vicinity. The public can join the Showcase of Muscat at the tasting cellars, an international exhibition gathering dozens of producers of this wine from Istria, Slovenia, and Italy.The best are awarded medals and titles of “Moscattieri” (Musketeer) as a symbol of the results and the excellent levels achieved in the extraordinary art of Muscat production.

Gourmet white truffles.

A long fair throughout the fall

Istrian autumn products include the renowned truffle, protagonist from September 16 to November 19, for 10 weekends in Levade. The traditional Truffle Fair, organized annually by Zigante Truffles, is a unique opportunity to enjoy this precious tuber. The international wines fair and local products accompany the dishes, creating sophisticated flavors and supreme delicacies prepared by the chefs. Tuberfest is held from October 21-22, the Istrian Truffle Days, organized by the Municipality and the Tourist Office of Portole.

Truffles are a prestigious ingredient in the wide world of gastronomy. Here it has found its natural habitat especially along the valley of the River Quieto. The white truffle with its particular taste is the protagonist to be tasted with typical local homemade products, including ham, cheeses, honey, grappa, olive oil, wines, and other specialties. In the course of the two days, the public can attend to the preparation of truffle dishes by a professional chef, participate in the search for truffles with specialists and their trained dogs, and take part in a truffle auction.

All colors of Istria

Here one will find thousands of miles and beaches caressed by a crystal clear sea, colorful fishermen’s villages, and fascinating hills rich in culture and history. In Istria, located in the northwest, the closest location to the Italian border, is where 4 pearls of the Adriatic are found: Umag, Cittanova, Brtonigla, and Buje. It is an area rich in natural wonders, a culinary tradition that enjoys local products, and deluxe facilities and comfort with state-of-the-art wellness centers, all ensuring a holiday rich with culture, wellness, and good cuisine.

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