Dom Pérignon 2009 vintage to be released before 2008

Dom Pérignon is to release its 2009 vintage Champagne out of chronological order, just as Louis Roederer announced with Cristal 2009 last year. Michael Edwards tastes the DP 2009 and reports on the vintage…

Dom Pérignon 2009 is the first vintage of this prestige cuvée to be released out of chronological sequence.

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It will reach merchants in advance of the 2008, a reflection of the warmth and maturity of the 2009 in comparison to the cooler, classic 2008 which still needs more time.

Louis Roederer also released its Cristal 2009 ahead of the 2008.

2009 has taken inspiration from the remarkable 2003, but adds a new layer of finesse

The pervasive character of the 2009 Champagne vintage is magnificent mature fruit, a viscous, silky texture, and salinity, created under a benign sun.

It was a warm harvest picked in idyllic conditions from 12 September, and is part of a ‘spiral’ of hot vintages since 2003, according to Dom Pérignon’s chef de caves, Richard Geoffroy.

‘Dom Pérignon 2009 would not be the triumph it is today without the experience of making the 2003,’ he said.

‘It’s one of the seminal vintages of a fantastic decade that encourages winemakers to go beyond what they already know, to take risks and keep on growing.’

It seems that the Dom Pérignon 2009 has taken inspiration from the remarkable 2003, but adds a new layer of finesse. It is also interesting how it differs from the 2006.

The 2009 vintage will be available in the autumn of 2017. Dom Pérignon is owned by French luxury goods group LVMH.

Michael Edwards tastes Dom Pérignon 2009:

Dom Pérignon, Champagne, France, 2009

Unbroken sun through August and early September helped to shape an idyllic harvest, on 12th September. Superb maturity of fruit in…

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