New York developer acquires French winery: Chateau de Chausse

New York developer acquires French winery: Chateau de Chausse

Located in Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur on the St. Tropez peninsula, the French Chateau de Chausse recently introduced its wine to New York wine writers, buyers and collectors. Wine has been made in Provence for more than 2600 years and is the oldest wine-producing region in France. Vines need a minimum of 1400 hours of sunshine (degree days) to produce ripe fruit; Provence has an average of 2500-3000 hours per year.

The Chateau was purchased in 2016 and is currently being renovated by the architectural firm of Alexandre Lafourcade and includes the restoration of the main house, the winery and cellar. Dominique Lafourcade has been retained as the landscape designer. Franck Bailleul is the General Manager while Laurence Berlemont, a consultant and local winemaker, produces the Chateau’s award winning red, white and rose wines and Renaud Duloup is the on-site viticulturist/winemaker.

At this time, the winery produces 70,000 bottles annually from estate grown grapes and the portfolio includes AOC Cotes de Provence, red, white and rose blends and two cuvees: Diamant, a white from Rolle, and Rubis, a Syrah-based red. The vineyard is sustainable farmed and will be certified organic by 2018.

Atypical Winery Owner

The winery is owned by Charles S. and Clodagh (Clo) Margaret Jacobs Cohen. Cohen, with a net worth estimated at $2.65 billion USD, is a Francophile as well as wine lover. He is also a very successful real estate developer and international film producer/distributor.

Cohen is a graduate of Tufts University and Brooklyn Law School and was associated with Chemical Bank prior to joining his family real estate firm as general counsel. Cohen serves on the board of trustees of the Lighthouse Guild, the Real Estate Board of New York, the Museum of Art and Design, the French Institute Alliance Francaise and Congregation Temple Emanu-El.

NY Venue @Upper Story by Charlie Palmer

The Upper Story is a very upmarket private event space that offers, from its 14th floor, 1000-square-foot balcony, incredible views of Manhattan and was the perfect backdrop for a very New York wine event.

The Summer Taste of Provence in New York City introduced red, white and rose wines from the Chateau de Chausse. The following includes notes of carefully chosen wines.

• Chateau de Chausse Cotes de Provence AOP White 2016. 100 percent Rolle (Vermentino)

The eye is seduced by bright clear sunshine, captured in the glass, while the nose detects grassy slopes, light spices with a hint of floral and a delicate suggestion of citrus. To the palate it is light and lively, suggesting a tranquil summer sea. Perfect as an aperitif.

• Chateau de Chausse Cotes de Provence AOP Rose 2016. 65 percent Cinsault, 35 percent Grenache

The Cinsault is widely used in Provence for rose production. We can thank this grape for providing freshness, fruitiness and subtlety to the wine. The Grenache brings subtle hints of red fruit to young wines while overtime it adds spicy and meaty notes, along with body, fullness and intensity.

In this rose look for a light hue of pink to the eye, with citrus fruits (especially ripe grapefruit) and floral (young violets) to the nose. The palate detects delicate white flowers and young sweet grapes. Pair with cold chicken salad, or tuna tartare.

• Chateau de Chausse Cotes de Provence AOP Diamant White 2016. 100 percent Rolle (Vermentino)

To the eye clear to light yellow with green/gold highlights. Because it is aged in new oak barrels it presents the nose with a hint of smoke and oak as well as a suggestion of minerality and subtle white flower aromas mixed with cut grass, honey, and pears. The palate is enchanted with while flower tones. Enjoy as an aperitif or pair with oysters, grilled fish or a fresh fruit salad.

• Chateau de Chausse Cotes de Provence AOP Red, 2012. 50 percent Syrah, 50 percent Cabernet Sauvignon. Awarded Vin De Provence award (2016)

The Syrah offers hints of spice and red berries plus vanilla while the Cabernet Sauvignon (only a small amount is grown in Provence) helps the wine to age gracefully.

Purple to coral to the eye and the nose detects berries, cherries, vanilla and flowers tempered with a hint of salt and spice. There is a nice balance between flowers and fruits. Pair with leg of lamb shawarma, or Carolina pulled pork.

Chateau de Chausse is distributed by Solstars wines.

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